Being involved in an auto accident in California can cost a significant amount after everything adds up, from damages to injuries and time lost at work. It is crucial that those who have suffered losses seek the proper restitution for all damages incurred. Make sure to seek the assistance of a qualified, skilled California personal injury lawyer so you can get back what was lost.

Why Hire a California Car Accident Lawyer?

Auto accident claims are extremely difficult to navigate and can become quite complex. Since the process involves gathering proper documentation, investigating reports and verifying evidence, evaluating medical treatments, negotiating, and navigating possible litigation and trial, car accident claims can easily become overwhelming.

A qualified accident attorney can offer several unique benefits: 

  • Legal knowledge and guidance. A skilled personal injury lawyer is knowledgeable in all matters of law pertaining to accident settlements and damage recovery. They will know what to do at each step and can properly guide you through the process.
  • Maximized settlement. A lawyer will fight to negotiate higher settlement amounts on your behalf and will be better suited to advocate for a just claim. Experienced attorneys have the background to understand the full value of your damages. The additional compensation they can secure will more than offset any legal fees they will earn in securing you a more favorable outcome.
  • Resources. Experienced California accident attorneys have built up for themselves a network of helpful resources who can testify on related matters to offer expert opinions and strengthen your case. Your skilled attorney will already be comfortable interviewing witnesses and knowing how to properly gather evidence and appropriate documentation.
  • Experience. Your California car accident attorney has extensive experience handling insurance companies, taking care of paperwork, and managing all the legal formalities and proceedings required for making your claim. They will know how to most effectively navigate any potential hurdles or adverse tactics by opposing parties. Your attorney will be your advocate down to the most minute detail.
  • Security. While your advocate is fighting for you to secure just compensation, you can rest securely and focus on your own recovery. Experiencing an auto accident, especially when there is an injury involved, can be an incredibly taxing life event. No one should have to deal with the additional stress and headache of filing a claim with its all-intensive process. Let your San Diego, CA, Car Accident Lawyer fight for you.

How Much Does a Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

When hiring a personal injury lawyer, you will not have to worry about any cost upfront or fees before getting started. Most California car accident lawyers work on a contingency fee basis. This means they will offer a free consultation initially, and if they decide to take your case, they will recover all of their own compensation out of a portion of the settlement amount. This will only take place if they win the case for you and secure a settlement amount.

This offers several benefits. 

  • Accessibility. First, the lack of upfront costs makes your attorney accessible. You can get started on your case as soon as possible without the worry of needing to come up with fees at the start. Additionally, this means there will be no out-of-pocket expenses, as all court fees and other reimbursement will come from the settlement amount.
  • Incentive. Second, this system incentivizes your attorney to secure the maximum possible outcome. Most attorneys will only take the case if they strongly believe they can win for you a proper settlement since they will not receive any compensation otherwise. The more your attorney can secure on your behalf, the more they will be compensated as well.


Q: How Much Is the Average Car Accident Injury Settlement in California?

A: Settlements attained from car accidents will vary to a wide degree depending on assigned fault, the extent of any property damage, and other factors, such as lost wages. When an injury has occurred, the average settlement payout will go up significantly in order to cover medical expenses and all pain and suffering related to the injury. In California, the average can be anywhere between $20,000 – $30,000, depending on the extent and severity of the injuries.

Q: Do I Need a Lawyer for a Car Accident in California?

A: California law does not require you to obtain a lawyer when involved in an auto accident. However, securing the help of an experienced and skilled attorney is essential for fully protecting your rights and can offer you the most effective way of seeking the most desirable outcome. A qualified lawyer can help you gather evidence, evaluate and offer insight into all legal proceedings, and effectively negotiate on your behalf. A lawyer is a crucial asset should your case go to court.

Q: How Much Do Lawyers Take From a Settlement in California?

A: Most lawyers working on auto accident cases will not require any upfront costs or fees but will instead agree on a contingency fee, which they will only receive if the settlement is won. This fee can vary depending on the complexity of the case. On average, California personal injury lawyers will set their contingency fee at around one-third (⅓) of the settlement amount, or approximately 33%.

Q: Are Contingency Fees Used for Car Accident Claims?

A: Most often, car accident lawyers charge on a contingent basis. Most injury lawyers will earn a 33% contingency fee for any secured settlement amount. The remaining settlement amount represents damages awarded to the client that may not have otherwise been secured without the legal assistance of the attorney. As most insurance companies are incentivized to offer a minimum settlement – or attempt to skirt responsibility altogether – it is crucial to seek the help of a skilled attorney for the additional damages due to you.

Contact a Lawyer Who Can Help You Get What You Need

Car accidents can take so much away from you. In a matter of moments, your vehicle, health, personal well-being, and quality of life can be unfairly diminished. Opposing parties will do all they can to minimize their responsibility and reduce the damages provided to which you are otherwise entitled. With an experienced attorney on your side, like those at Sigelman & Associates, you can reverse this process and get back what was lost. Let your California car accident lawyer be your advocate and begin the process of just restoration — contact our offices today.