Ken Sigelman J.D., M.D.

Ken Sigelman J.D., M.D. is a serious personal injury and medical malpractice lawyer in California who is absolutely committed to seeking justice and obtaining fair compensation for the children and families he represents. Initial consultations are always free of charge. If Ken accepts the case, lawyer’s fees are on a contingency basis. Fees are owed only if you win, and are based on a percentage of the money recovered. In cases involving children, the court generally must approve the lawyer’s fees as fair and reasonable.

The insurance companies that defend healthcare providers, trucking companies, drug manufacturers, etc. are willing to spend virtually unlimited amounts of money on high-priced medical malpractice insurance defense lawyers and expert witnesses to defeat your medical malpractice case. Ken Sigelman J.D., M.D. commits all of the resources necessary to keep the playing field level; even it is means spending $100,000 or more to prepare the case as strongly as possible.

The final, and perhaps most important, aspect of commitment to clients is compassion. Ken and the entire staff at Kenneth M. Sigelman & Associates understand, empathize with, and deeply respect the emotional and financial sacrifices required of families under these circumstances.


Max Gruenberg

Max Gruenberg is a motivated and passionate attorney from California. After growing up in San Diego, he attended UCLA where he studied psychology with an emphasis in neuroscience, and Spanish. Max then returned to San Diego to attend the University of San Diego School of Law where he worked as both a research assistant and teaching assistant while finishing in the top third of his class. While in school, Max worked at prominent law firms including Gruenberg Law, Gomez Trial Attorneys, CaseyGerry, and Baron and Budd where he worked on cases involving employee and civil rights, product and premise liability, wild fires in Northern California, class actions, and mass tort disputes. After becoming a licensed attorney in California, Mr. Gruenberg worked directly with Deborah Dixon, the managing partner of Dixon Diab & Chambers and general counsel for the Chargers. There, Max helped litigate for employees, mass tort claimants, and successfully defended a contractual dispute in arbitration.

$30.9 Million

Jury Verdict

Uterine rupture during childbirth, resulting in severe brain injury to baby.

$16.3 Million

Jury Verdict

Negligent postoperative monitoring, resulting in permanent brain injury.

$13.1 Million

Jury Verdict

Failure to support blood pressure while giving general anesthesia resulting in permanent brain injury.

$12.5 Million

Settlement After 6-Week Trial

Uterine rupture during childbirth, resulting in severe brain injury to baby.

$11.7 Million

Settlement During Jury Selection

Negligent failure to diagnose and treat spinal epidural abscess, resulting in quadriplegia.

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