How to Choose the Right Birth Injury Attorney

A birth injury claim is a serious legal matter, and it’s essential to find the right legal representative to handle your case. If you need a birth injury attorney in San Diego, there are several steps you should take before making any kind of contractual commitment for representation. Hiring the wrong attorney could potentially lead to substantially less compensation than a better attorney could have secured on your behalf. […]

By |October 12th, 2020|

New Medical Malpractice Laws for the Military

In December of 2019, the National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law. This new law changed a very important aspect of military service for service members throughout the country. Where they were previously barred from filing medical malpractice claims against military medical providers under the Feres Doctrine, the National Defense Authorization Act now allows for the filing of such claims.

The passing of the National Defense Authorization Act certainly […]

By |July 13th, 2020|


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