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Huntington Beach Truck Accident Attorney

With more than nine miles of pristine beach and a mild climate, Huntington Beach offers ample reasons for joyriding and spending time on the road. A negligent truck driver can turn those moments of leisure into a traumatic or even deadly situation. When an at-fault party causes a truck accident, injured parties have the right to pursue compensation from the person who caused the collision with the help of a Huntington Beach truck accident lawyer.

Without legal representation, the trucking company’s insurance may try to offer you something lower than fair compensation. Your truck accident lawyer will fight for the compensation you deserve.

Huntington Beach Truck Accident Lawyer

Important Steps to Take Following a Tractor-Trailer Crash

The moments following a tractor-trailer accident in Huntington Beach can be very terrifying. The involvement of such a huge vehicle can cause confusion and leave victims overwhelmed by what just happened. When you are safely able to do so, taking certain steps can help calm your nerves as you begin taking back control over the situation and begin building your case.

Take Immediate Steps for Your Safety

The first thing you should do is to ensure you and the people involved in the accident are safe. Pull your vehicle off the road, turn off the engine, and turn your hazard lights on. Before you check on passengers, take a second to self-examine for injuries. Ask passengers if they are in pain or discomfort and where it hurts. Call 911 and tell the call-taker where the accident occurred, how many cars are involved, and how many people could be seriously injured. They will use that information to determine which EMS personnel to send your way.

Document the Scene

Do not negotiate anything with the truck driver if they try to speak to you. The only information you need from the truck driver is their contact information, driver’s license, insurance information, and registration. Any photos or videos that you take can help your truck accident lawyer verify the facts of your case.

Seek Medical Care

Let the paramedics examine you at the scene. You may think that you do not have any injuries, but EMS personnel can better identify any cuts, bruises, or other injuries that you did not notice. You should also let your doctor perform a check-up in the days after your accident. These medical reports can help you claim your personal injury later on.

Find an Experienced Truck Accident Attorney

Call a Huntington Beach truck accident lawyer as soon as possible to see if you are eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit against the truck driver or their trucking company. Your attorney will also work to hold the insurance company accountable. They are obligated to pay you a fair settlement for your car damage, injuries you incurred, and other costs that resulted from the collision.

Your Huntington Beach truck accident lawyer will examine the facts of your case. They may work with expert witnesses to determine who is legally at fault for the collision. A claims adjuster from the truck driver’s insurance company may reach out to you. Do not speak with the adjuster without first consulting with your attorney. The adjuster may appear friendly, but their job is to settle your claim for as little as possible.

They often rely on the goodwill and trusting nature of injured parties to secure a less-than-fair settlement agreement. Or they may try to trick you into saying or doing something that weakens your claim. The optimal course of action is to let your lawyer handle any matters related to settlement negotiations. Your attorney will work in your interest.

Types of Trucks that Could Be Involved in an Accident

Many people picture a large 18-wheeler when they think of a commercial truck. Those types of trucks are common on the road, but there are many types of commercial trucks that could require the legal help of an experienced Huntington Beach truck accident lawyer. Below are several types of trucks that regularly work in and traverse through Huntington Beach.

  • Delivery trucks: These are considerably smaller than 18-wheelers. Delivery trucks keep local stores throughout Huntington Beach stocked with supplies and food. They can still be very large, but unlike semi-trucks, they are able to maneuver through neighborhoods.
  • Modified buses: Your accident may involve modified buses that are classified as trucks.
  • Working trucks: Trucks used in construction transport, logging, and other industries come in all shapes and sizes.

Truck accidents are handled differently in personal injury lawsuits for multiple reasons. The size of trucks makes them more destructive. Truck companies are usually insured by companies that have legal experience fighting settlements. This is why you will need to rely on the legal services of a trucking accident attorney who understands how to negotiate with the insurance provider and trucking company behind the accident.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents

Every accident is unique, but there are often common factors that trucking accidents share in common. Weather conditions and driver fatigue are two common elements found in many trucking accidents. Faulty equipment doesn’t necessarily exonerate the driver or trucking company because those businesses are expected to regularly inspect and maintain their trucks.

Other factors that may be involved in your accident include:

  • Improperly secured cargo
  • Lack of driver training
  • Driver negligence
  • Overloaded truck
  • Failure to follow the maintenance schedule

Any of these factors could lead to a catastrophic car collision that could involve multiple vehicles. The type of collision may be a factor in your settlement.

Rear End Collisions

Rear-end collisions involving a truck can be very dangerous as well. When a sedan rear-ends another car, it usually does not endanger the life of the passengers in the car that is hit. With a large truck, the impact can send the vehicle that was rear-ended careening forward. If there is another car in front, the first car that is hit could be crushed. Poor visibility and speeding are often factors that lead to rear-end collisions.

Head-on Collision

Head-on collisions are often the most dangerous because the impact on both cars results from the combined velocity of both vehicles. Head-on collisions type result from one driver veering into the other driver’s lane. The results are often deadly. A head-on collision can lead to an underride accident. This means that the vehicle ends up underneath the tractor-trailer. These types of accidents account for a high percentage of fatal accidents involving commercial trucks.

Jackknife Accidents

When the front cabin and driving compartment become “jackknifed” from the cargo, the incident is called a jackknife accident. The truck may slide along the highway, hitting and tossing cars over a wide area. Inclement weather, distracted driving, and speeding are common causes of this destructive type of accident.

Rollover Accidents

Any car can be involved in a rollover accident, but a rollover accident involving a commercial truck can be particularly destructive. The rollover can result from an accident or be the cause of an accident. Speeding and unsafe driving on the part of the truck driver are often causes of rollover accidents.

Cargo Spills

Cargo spills often make the news because the incidents can shut down highways and lead to dangerous chemical spills. Any debris that is spread across the road could lead to secondary accidents as drivers swerve to avoid the debris or hit the objects at high speeds. Improperly loaded cargo is a leading cause of this type of accident.

How Can a Huntington Beach Trucking Accident Attorney Help Me?

If you were injured in a truck accident, you will need an attorney who has experience helping clients of trucking accidents receive compensation for their injuries. Once you have legal representation, your lawyer handles the litigation while you rest and recover.

A Huntington Beach tractor-trailer accident attorney will keep you informed about your case. A good lawyer does more than just fight for their client’s rights in court. They also explain the laws involved in simple terms so clients are both educated and empowered. Your lawyer may work on multiple levels to help you receive fair compensation for your missed time at work, medical bills, and even pain and suffering.

Often the most optimal outcomes happen when insurance companies pay fair compensation to injured drivers and passengers. If they do not, your attorney may take them to court if needed. Unfortunately, many trucking companies are only focused on one thing: avoiding liability.

Even with ample resources that could help you recover, trucking companies often do not want to admit fault or pay a settlement unless absolutely necessary. Trucking companies often have significant resources to fight liability and delay your fair compensation. That is why you need legal representation.

They may think they can get away with denying your rightful compensation, but a Huntington Beach truck accident lawyer will put them on notice that the justice system will eventually compel them to pay up.

By gathering evidence, deposing witnesses, and possibly using the insight of expert witnesses, your Huntington Beach trucking accident lawyer will formulate a legal strategy that maximizes your compensation. You should not have to settle for less than you are entitled to.


Q: How Much Are Most Truck Accident Settlements?

A: Truck accident settlements are often much higher than a typical car accident personal injury claim. The reason is largely due to the size and weight of semi-trucks which often leads to serious bodily injury and even death. The size of your truck accident settlement will depend on the extent of your injuries, the damage to your car, the level of negligence or misconduct by the truck driver, and other factors.

Q: How Do I Dispute a Settlement to Get More Money from a Car Accident?

A: You are not obligated to accept any settlement offer, especially one that does not fully compensate you for your injuries and missed time from work. Following a truck accident, the truck driver or an insurance representative may try to offer a low settlement amount. Consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer before accepting any offer. Your lawyer can handle the negotiation process on your behalf.

Q: How Much Will You Get Paid if an 18-wheeler Hits You in California?

A: There are multiple ways that you will be paid if an 18-wheeler hits you in California. The truck driver’s insurance company may offer a settlement. If the settlement covers the costs that you incurred and other factors, that could be the end of it. If the insurance offer is not fair, you can have your attorney negotiate for a higher settlement, or you can file a claim against the truck driving company directly.

Q: How Much Do Accident Attorneys Charge in California?

A: Accident attorneys, whether they work on an hourly or contingency basis, charge fees based on the amount of time and resources they put into a case. Personal injury attorneys often work on a contingency basis, meaning they are only paid if you win. The percentage of your contingency fee will be worked out early in the consultation process.

Q: Should I Accept a Settlement Offer Before Hiring an Attorney?

A: Accepting a settlement offer before hiring an attorney is almost always a bad idea. The truck driver’s insurance company does not have your interests at heart. They will likely do everything they can to minimize the payments that you are entitled to. A truck driving accident lawyer has your interests at heart. They will work to maximize your monetary compensation.

Schedule Your Huntington Beach Truck Accident Lawyer Consultation Today

Any accident involving a commercial truck is traumatic. Once you are safely away from the accident and after you’ve attended to your immediate medical needs, don’t hesitate to begin looking for an experienced truck accident lawyer who will fight for your rights. Starting the process early can strengthen your claim. Witnesses will better remember the day in question, and your attorney will be able to collect evidence more easily.

Our competent attorneys will personally review your information at no cost. We have helped many truck collision victims obtain fair compensation following an accident. To schedule a consultation, contact our office today.

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